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Holiday Giveaway!!!!

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New Release/Giveaways! & November Winner

Dear Reader,

I'd just like to take a moment and thank everyone who has read Tempted by a Vampire! I am blown away by all the fantastic reviews and attention this book is receiving. Tempted by a Vampire was released one week ago today and the blog tour is going on now. There is a giveaway with a possible chance of winning a signed print copy of Tempted by a Vampire, along with a Tempted by a Vampire tote bag and mug. So be sure to scroll down and enter for your chance to win. This newsletter is full of a lot of information about upcoming contests and giveaways, so be sure to read through so you don't miss out on some great giveaways.

 Title: Tempted by a Vampire
Series: Immortal Hearts of San Francisco
Author: Susan Griscom
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Published: October 27, 2015

A little about Tempted by a Vampire

Cian DeMarco, a sexy, rockstar billionaire vampire has lived in San Francisco's prestigious Cliff Side neighborhood in his beautiful mansion overlooking both the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean for seventy years. Happily—or so he thought. Until the rare beauty that is Magdalena De la Rosa sits down at one of the front-row tables in Club Royal where he and his band perform once a week.
Magdalena De la Rosa has it all—Bachelor's degree in journalism, a job she loves in California, a gorgeous apartment in San Francisco, and a dream guy. Except her boyfriend lives and works in Sacramento—an hour and a half drive from the city Magdalena has always fantasized about living in. All her dreams change, however, when she and her girlfriend find their way into an upscale nightclub and she's suddenly swept off her feet by the lead singer of that night's performing rock band, The Lost Boys. 
Sparks ignite between the two until a threat that was thought to no longer exist returns to wreak havoc on Cian's and Magdalena's lives. Will the temptation to be together outweigh the reality of what Cian must do to keep Magdalena safe from harm? 
A stand-alone book. The first in the all-new Immortal Hearts of San Francisco series. 18+ due to adult content.


and Sinister! Give me, tall, dark, and handsome; mix him with the undeniable
sinful sexiness that is Cian DeMarco...and BAM! You have the hottest book
boyfriend that will have you running to turn up your AC as you read this book!”
– Amazon Reviewer

"5 vampire fangy stars!!! I
can’t even put into enough words to say how much I fell in love with this book.
The story was captivating and I was sucked (no pun intended) in!!"
- Alpha Book Club

 "Cian DeMarco is a 10 on the hotness scale. I had to
keep fanning myself countless times. I fell under his spell right from the
first chapter and was helpless to stop it. The steamy scenes with him left me
breathless and of course wanting more. Not only is he a bad boy rocker and
vampire, but he is also a man with depth and an inner pain that haunts him. He
is definitely book boyfriend material and one I will never forget."
- Reading For Fun

"I am blown away by this book.
I am so obsessed with Cian and Mags. The perfect combination of a sexy, dark
brooding rocker and the sweet lovable girl, throw in the fact that the rocker
is also a Vampire and you have the formula for a perfect book. This did not
- Momma Says Read
I stood at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The city was beautiful this time of the morning, a couple of hours before sunrise. I’d been resolute in my control to not stalk Magdalena. However, my self-control was slipping, and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would lose the battle. Standing here at the top of the bridge with her bedroom window in my sights wasn’t helping.

I ached to see her, to touch her, to inhale her sweet, delicious scent. Tomorrow night couldn’t come soon enough. 

My foot slipped and I began to fall, flashing into space, and soon I found myself on the ledge of Magdalena’s building. Damnit. Five short steps and I’d officially lower myself to creepy stalker status. I’d never stalked a woman. I know of several vampires who do, however. Lane is not one, thankfully. At least not that I knew of, and I’m sure he would have told me. I’ve never had the desire to just sit and stare at a woman before. Not until Magdalena entered Club Royal last Saturday night. Her scent had been strong, and it had pulled me closer.

The next thing I knew, I was standing outside her window, watching her sleep. I’d heard rumors of vampires meeting their soulmates. Someone whose scent drove them insane, so crazy that they couldn’t stay away from them no matter how hard they tried. Causing them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. In all my two hundred years, I’d never believed the stories. But now. I wasn’t so sure. Because whatever it was that lured me to her window—to her—was so strong I was powerless to fight it. I wondered if she felt the same.

She stirred slightly and I panicked, not sure if I should dematerialize or just stay still. I opted for the latter, mostly because I was frozen in fear that she would discover what a sick pervert I was. I hoped if I simply stayed still, she wouldn’t wake. 

I was an intemperate imbecile to think I could stay away. I watched as she sighed heavily in her sleep. I wanted to stroke my fingers through the beautiful dark curls splaying across her pillow and brush the stray strands away from her bosom so I could feast upon her silky flesh. She was magnificent. There wasn’t another creature in the entire world so beautiful. It stole my breath to be so close to her. 

I glanced around her room, wanting to take in as much of her surroundings as I could, to learn her likes and habits. The roses I’d sent sat on a desk next to a closed laptop. I knew there were many things I could learn about her from that laptop. That would be too much of a violation, though. Vampire or not, I did possess a few moral principles. 


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Are you Ready for Halloween?

Are you ready for Halloween?

Naughty Images

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Don't miss out on this low introductory price for some of your favorite bestselling authors
USA Today Bestseller Holly Roberts
Stacy Hoff
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USA Today Bestseller Jamie K. Schmidt
Leia Shaw
Susan Griscom

 Just a reminder,

releases October 27th 

is available now for


Also, for 99 cents

Unedited Excerpt

Tempted by a Vampire

Copyright 2015 by Susan Griscom

Is something wrong? I asked.
He shook his head. “Not a thing.” Then he reached out and took my hand in his, turning it over, revealing my palm. He held my hand, gently tracing his finger over the top line.
“You have a very warm heart, Magdalena.”
“You’re reading my palm?”
“This is known, not only from looking at your palm but also in here.” He placed his other hand over my left breast, and I couldn’t breathe. He left it there for a few seconds as he gazed into my eyes and then removed it, focusing his attention back to my palm. “You have had many periods of sadness and sorrow in love. I am sorry for that.”
I gave him a timid smile, thinking of my parents, not to mention that I’d just broken up with Kellen and he knew it. “I don’t believe in fortune telling.”
“You don’t?”
He ignored my negativity on the subject and continued to softly skim the lines on my hand. I thought of the psychic reader, Tessa, who Vanessa and I had gone to see right before going to the club. She’d said I’d fall…”Oh, crap,” I said out loud.
“Is everything okay?” Cian asked.
“Yes. Everything is fine.” I didn’t want to tell Cian what Tessa had told me about falling under temptation, because I had a sneaky suspicion that he was the temptation I was about to fall into. I couldn’t help think about the “meeting someone dark” part of that reading, though. Cian was not dark. In fact, his skin was very fair.
He continued to trace his finger very delicately down the center line of my palm, all the way to my wrist and slowly back up the middle, stopping at the point where my pulse beat. He drew tiny circles around my vein, sending shivers up my spine. I felt my heart thump in my chest, and he looked up at me and smiled.
“You’re nervous,” he said.
I bit my bottom lip. God, yes, I was. But I didn’t say anything, only watched his finger circle around as my stomach fluttered with desire for him.

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Cover Reveal - Retribution by K.A. Salidas

Exclusive First Look!

Coming October 27th the fifth installment of the Chronicles will take us into dangerous new territory and bring back another much loved character from Book 1!!

I'm eagerly anticipating the release of this one and have a little sample to share with all of you. So, without further ado, here it is... For your eyes only, today,...


Chronicles of the Uprising -Book 5


Immortality is never guaranteed... 

As much as she dreams of a simpler existence, blood and violence are Mira’s way of life. Former gladiator turned freedom fighter; she’s carved a trail from New Haven to Caldera Grove and back, freeing her people, the vampires, from enslavement by the humans. 

But with victory almost within reach, a new and powerful enemy emerges. One who’ll be satisfied with nothing less than complete subjugation—or destruction—of all supernatural beings. 

With a secret army of his own, he’s more than prepared for any resistance Mira and her patchy rebel forces can offer, and demands their immediate surrender. 

Never one to back away from a fight, Mira believes she’s ready for anything. But with the battle lines drawn she will be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

Kill or be killed. 


Special Preorder Only Price $0.99

Retail Price $2.99 after October 27

Ready for a little sample?

(Unedited Sample Copyright © 2015 by Katie Salidas)

Crouching low, Mira pulled the sword up over her head, and quickly swiped down in a sharp arc. Instantly at one with her weapon, she began the training dance, moving fluidly forward in a deadly ballet with her invisible opponent. Spinning and twirling while slashing the air with her blade she hardly noticed the other presence in the room. It was only when her sword met with resistance and the loud clang of metal on metal, brought her back to reality that she saw who was there.

“Careful, princess, might take someone’s head off,” Justine smirked. Her own twin blades at the ready, she stepped back and fell into a fighting stance.

Last time Mira had come up against Justine, she’d been unskilled, weak, and defenseless. She was none of those things now.

“Are we doing this?” She smirked, happy to have an opponent worthy of sparring with.

“You made the challenge. So, bring it.”

That she had. Back in the council chamber. And though her anger had cooled since then, she was ready and willing to prove herself. Mira rotated the sword in her hand a few times to loosen up her wrist and without warning brought the blade up hard at Justine.

Twin daggers ready, Justine met the incoming sword with both her blades, crossing them as she pulled back quickly. “Oh you are aiming to kill, aren’t you? What’s got you all riled up?”

“You know very well.” Mira spun on her heel and used the momentum to slash at Justine as she came around. “The futility of our situation.”

“Oh yeah, we’re fucked.” Tip of the sword barely missing Justine’s face, she deflected with the dagger in her right hand. “But you didn’t have to take a human’s side.”

“It’s not taking sides to recognize reason.”

“Humans are never reasonable.”

“I’m going to choose to ignore that.”

“You’re ignoring a lot these days.” It was Justine’s turn to advance, taking advantage of Mira’s wide swings she closed in and jammed her blade in Mira’s side. “Don’t forget what they did to us.”

Hissing in pain, Mira brought the pommel of her sword down against Justine’s head and shoved her back.

The blade hurt just as much going out as it had going in. Mira clutched her wounded side as she eyed Justine licking the blood from her dagger and reset into a fighting stance.

“I have not forgotten the bad or the good.” Mira lunged forward. The tip of her blade made contact, but Justine did not cry out in pain. She leaned away and deflected the blade with her daggers. It might not have gone deep, but Mira saw blood. She smiled at her small accomplishment.

“It’s only a scratch.” Justine huffed, looking at the wound already beginning to heal. “Don’t get cocky.”

 “You want more?” Mira taunted.

“Can you do more? Where is this great warrior everyone talks about?”

It shouldn’t have bothered her, but Mira had her reputation for a reason, and hearing those words compounded the rage boiling inside her. She attacked with a fury reserved normally for those who were going to die. Had she been fighting anyone but Justine, they might have. Speed of lightning, Mira moved with deadly precision bringing the sword down and around Justine’s head as if she meant to take it off. Only fast reflexes and sixty years of gladiator battles had given Justine the skills to avoid decapitation.

“You know what your problem is?” Justine taunted, twisting her blades around in her hands and bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Mira reset, watching her opponent, anticipating the attack that would come. “Enlighten me?”

Justine ducked low and swiped at Mira’s stomach. The blade failed to meet its mark by scant inches. “You’re a great big baby.”


Justine deflected Mira’s responding swipe of the sword and reset again for her next attack. “It wasn’t a joke.”

“Did you come here just to piss me off?”

“I came to see if it was worth sticking around.”


“You know, when I saw you, the great savior, as I entered New Haven, I was proud. I remembered that weak, pathetic little girl running away from mommy and daddy. She never should have survived.”

“But I did.”

“Yes… but how? Because this person I see here, she’s not a survivor. She’s still that weak little girl.”

“I’ll show you weak.” She backed Justine almost to the edge of the arena with a fury of wild swings.

“Oh, so you do have some balls.” Having hit the far wall, Justine ducked and pivoted around Mira’s blade coming out behind her and sliding her knife around to Mira’s neck. She whispered in her ear. “C’mon then, warrior. Fight back like you mean it.”

Justine wasn’t looking for a sparring match, it seemed all she cared to do this evening was piss Mira off, and she’d done just that. “I’m tired. We’re done here.”

Justine laughed. “Tired? Tired? You’re tired? For sixty years I’ve done one thing. The one thing I told you to do. You’re tired. Then go off and die, because you don’t deserve to survive.”

“I did not earn my reputation for nothing.”

“But you’re still not the true warrior I’d expected.”

Mira took in a deep breath, feeling the edge of the blade against her throat. “Sorry to disappoint.”

“How can you be so pathetic?” Justine released Mira with a shove.

“Excuse me?”

“You have it all, princess. You’re the savior. You’ve got adoring fans, freedom, and the love of a very hot wolfman, and still you’re moping about. Oh poor you.”

“You call worrying over the survival of the people I just freed, moping?”

“Yeah, because your pissing time away in meetings instead of just fixing the problem. You know as well as I do that the only way to kill a beast is to cut off the head.”

“It’s not as simple as that. Or were you not paying attention in the meeting?”

“Yeah. I heard a lot of whining and crying over people who might die. Just fucking do something.”

“I can’t risk the lives of innocents.”

“You’re already doing it by doing nothing. Get out there and fix it.”

Justine, as usual had hit the root of the problem. But it was precisely that which had them all stalled in committee.”

“You’ve got problems. We’ve all got problems. Everyone wants to live their happy little life, but right now, it’s not an option. Suck it up, princess. Do something about it.”

“I am doing something.” What more did she expect? Mira had said her peace in the meetings and had been overshadowed by Lucian and Stryker’s plan. All she could do was hold tight.

“No, you’re wasting time waiting for others to do things. Story of your life. You want to be this independent person, in control, and all the while, you’re letting others decide what happens in your life. I’ll bet you haven’t even taken that wolf of yours to bed. You’re waiting until he forces you past your extremely obvious intimacy issues.”

“That’s none of your concern.” She was dangerously close to crossing the line. Mira tightened her grip on the sword.

“Or how about the human who’s pining away for you.”

“Again, none of your concern,” Mira’s voice became dangerously quiet. She was moments from losing her patience.

“We’ll if you won’t take him, I will.”

“Have the human.” That will be the day!

“And the wolf too. I’d give him more than enough reason to leave your crybaby ass behind.”

“You go too far.”

Justine threw the dagger in her left hand, burring it deep into Mira’s chest. “So teach me a lesson, great warrior.”

Mira fell to her knees with a groan. Pawing at her chest to remove the blade.

“How ever did you survive?” Justine spat at Mira. “Maybe I’ll just take that wolfman as my prize for killing you.” 

Special Preorder Only Price $0.99 

Retail Price $2.99 after October 27

Need to catch up on the Chronicles before Book 5 is released? 

Kindle Unlimited Subscribers can borrow the entire series FREE

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New Release - Tequila & Lace by Kimberly Knight

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Army Strong and dripping with sin ...
Paul Jackson had his dreams mapped out. He’d graduate from high school, attend college, go pro for football, marry his high school sweetheart and live happily ever after. Until his high school sweetheart threw away everything he never knew he wanted. Throwing caution to the wind, he put his country’s dreams before his own.
The Army was a perfect distraction from her. It helped him become a man. To serve, to protect, to fight, to become strong. But when Paul returns home after three tours, he knows there’s nothing better than sexy woman, a shot of tequila and a pocket full of cash.
But he still thinks about her
Joselyn Marquez’s life changed the night of her seventeenth birthday. A forty-eight hour roller coaster trip sent her running for her life. She was homeless, and her family had disappeared. All odds were against her.
But sometimes the odds work out.
Years later, she’s an FBI agent serving as an undercover escort to investigate sex trafficking in Las Vegas. When the investigation connects her past, will she be able to do the right thing or will she still keep running from the night of her seventeenth birthday?
Tensions will rise.
Sparks will fly.
Passions will soar.
And the past will come knocking …

Angels & Whiskey is on sale of 99¢ for a limited time!

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Whiskey, women and sleepless nights…
United States Army Captain Gabriel Hastings knew he would always follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Serving his country was his destiny.
Until he fell in love…
When Gabe’s love affair is cut short, he turns to whiskey for comfort and swears he will never fall in love again.
Until he bumps into an unexpected angel…
By all appearances, Autumn Jones has the perfect life. Her husband, Richard, is a loving man who wants to be a father to her unborn children. But Autumn knows the truth. Richard has a controlling, dark side that leaves nothing to chance, especially Autumn. He’ll stop at nothing to make her the trophy wife he wants her to be.

When Autumn bumps into Gabe, he consumes her every thought, but she can’t act on her feelings. She’s married to a dark man she can never leave.

When he learns who Autumn’s husband really is, Gabe knows he will stop at nothing to protect her.
Or is it too late for him to save his angel?

About Kimberly Knight

Kimberly Knight is a USA Today Bestselling Author that lives in the mountains near a lake with her loving husband and spoiled cat, Precious. In her spare time, she enjoys watching her favorite reality TV shows, watching the San Francisco Giants win World Series and the San Jose Sharks kick butt. She's also a two time desmoid tumor/cancer fighter that's made her stronger and an inspiration to her fans. Now that she lives near a lake, she plans on working on her tan and doing more outdoor stuff like watching hot guys waterski. However, the bulk of her time is dedicated to writing and reading romance and erotic fiction.