Monday, December 18, 2017

Merry Christmas! A Christmas Giveaway!

Want to spark some romance into your Christmas? Enter this giveaway! 

Some of you may know that Whisper Cape was my debut novel back in 2011. Because it was my very first book, it will always be special to me. I had the best time writing Cael and Addie's love affair mostly because I didn't care about publishing it back then. So, if you haven't ever read it, you'll see a difference in my writing since then. I hope for the better. LOL, but still this is one of my favorite stories. I remember coming upstairs very excited about a scene and telling my husband all about it. He smiled and said it sounds like a great movie.
I have ave some older covers hanging around that would love to have a home. The three books in this series have recently been re-titled and given new covers.  (The new titles are Ignite the Fame, Reflect the Flame, and Tame the Flame.)  The stories inside are the same except for some minor adjustments to reflect the new titles. To win a signed set of these older titles, just fill out the Rafflecopter below.

These covers below are the new covers of the series newly re-titled "The Sectorium" to go with A Gypsy's Kiss, which is a spin off of this series. There is also another 5th book coming out soon. Just click below read their blurbs on Amazon. First book is only 99 cents.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday! And I'll send out another newsletter soon, with a name and more great stuff, like another giveaway!