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Paranormal Romance Authors Discuss and the November Wolf Pack Run



Ah, firsts. We all have them: first kisses, first dates, first time behind the wheel. Some of them are memorable, and some we'd rather forget. For this month's edition of Paranormal Romance Authors Discuss, my friends and I are going to tell you about some of our firsts. Which firsts might they be? Read on to find out!

Topic: Tell us about the first paranormal romance book you ever read.

I was a precocious child and started reading at a really young age. By the time I was ten, I had blown through my mother's copies of Gone With the Wind and Flowers in the Attic, lol. It wasn't until I was thirteen that I discovered some pretty amazing supernatural tales in my local Waldenbooks, and that all started with Anne Rice. I suppose from there I just grabbed anything I could get my hands on that involved the paranormal and my love for all things bookish and reading just took off to new heights. So I guess it was not anyone book, but a multitude of fantastic folks like Ms. Anne Rice, Nora Roberts, Teresa Medeiros, to Patricia Briggs, Chanda Kahn, Eve Langlais, Milly Taiden, Celia Kyle and so many more, that brought me to this state of utter fascination with PNR love stories. ~C.D. Gorri, author of Purely Paranormal Pleasures

The very first paranormal romance I ever read was Katie MacAlister's Sex and the Single Vampire. That title alone grabbed me. I loved that she wrote about vampires, but it wasn't dark or scary (even though her vamps are known as the Dark Ones) and that the heroines were the ones who could save these mysterious sexy guys souls through the power of love! Her books are laugh out loud funny and I've read every single book she's written because she keeps me smiling and swooning. ~Aidy Award, author of Dirty Wolf

It was Anne Rice's, The Mayfair Witches. What intrigued me the most about this book was how real she made her characters feel. I loved the folklore and history she wove into the story. It was also so much more entertaining than reading about real people because it stretched my imagination. ~Terri A. Wilson, author of Crimson Moon Hideaway: Time Wasn't Ready (Women of the Fold Book 1)

The first paranormal romance I remember reading was Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian. It's book 1 of the Midnight Breed series, and it's about a group of vampire warriors who protect the world from rogues. I'd had plenty of experience with "monsters" from the horror side, but this was the first time I experienced them getting their own happily ever afters, complete with thrilling adventure and lots and lots of steam. I was hooked on the genre after reading Kiss of Midnight. ~Carrie Pulkinen, author of the Crescent City Wolf Pack Series

Living in one of the six Celtic Nations, I am often drawn to Celtic inspired romance novels. These romances are often Scottish and while Lucy Monroe’s 'Moon Craving' fits the kilt wearing mould (making me go weak at the knees with the hero’s every muttered ‘och’ and ‘aye’), 'Moon Craving' has a twist – a paranormal twist. Talorc, the strapping, shirtless hero, is the leader of a secret werewolf shifting clan. The story tells of his arranged marriage to an English woman who is determined to keep the secret that she’s deaf from her new husband. As you’d expect, the couple fall in love but both characters must learn to trust the other with their secrets. In this historical romance novel you will find passion, a brave heroine who fights for what her heart wants and the all-important paranormal story that keeps you turning the page. Reading this story changed my expectations of romance novels. Now, propelled by that discovery, I have created my own paranormal world of shapeshifters and prowling, hungering heroes and I will be very happy if they give you even a small amount of the joy that this book has given me. ~Beth Linton, author of The Guardians' Trust: Ana (Book 1)

It's so hard to recall, since I started reading romance when I was 13... But the first paranormal romance that really stands out for me is A Quick Bite by Lynsay Sands. I've read the entire series (all 31 books) since, though I definitely prefer her earlier (funnier) books! ~Mia Harlan, author of Amber

I honestly can't remember; I've been reading paranormal romance since I was a pre-teen, and that was a long, long time ago! The ones that stuck with me the most, though, were from my mother's library (God bless the woman for feeding my reading soul). Katie McAlister's dragon series are some of my faves and were the books that convinced me I wanted to write paranormal (Drake, her green dragon wyvern, will always be my favorite dragon of all time). And let's not forget Alyssa Day's Poseidon's Warriors; I devoured all those books and am so thrilled that she's writing them again! Oh, and Alexis Morgan's Paladins of Darkness series; I just found out she has been writing a spinoff series, so I'm heading right over to her website to go check them out! ~Tami Lund, author of Taming the Dragon Series

As I try to think back to that time, I believe it was Morrigan's Cross (Circle Trilogy, Book 1) by Nora Roberts. I went on to read the rest of the trilogy. I loved all three books so much I read them again. Then bought the audiobooks and listened to them about three times. This was, of course, before I ever thought about writing my own books. I'd always been a fan of Nora Roberts' books, especially her In Death Series, a futuristic, crime suspense series. I fell in love with the vampire in her Circle Trilogy and I guess, you might say it was those three books that inspired me to write my first book. Oddly enough, my first book was not PNR, but more Urban Fantasy. I do have a vampire series now, Immortal Hearts of San Francisco, of which book 6, Bewitched by a Vampire, has just released. Like Nora's Circle Trilogy, my vampire series is heavy on the romance side. ~Susan Griscom, author of Bewitched by a Vampire, Book 6 in the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco

If I recall, the first paranormal romance I ever read was Dark Lover, Book 1 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. ~Gina Kincade, author of Shifting Hearts Dating App Series

The first paranormal romance I ever read was The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. I absolutely loved the Mayfair Witches and the entire series (but I love everything she's written, so there is definitely a bias). I am not sure if it technically qualifies as a romance, but there was definitely some paranormal seduction in play. ;) ~Corinne O'Flynn, author of Maximum Security Magic

The Vampire Diaries series by LJ Smith was my first paranormal romance. I read it in middle school and immediately started writing my own short stories featuring vampires, monsters, and werewolves and the women who love them. I've since started re-reading The Vampire Diaries series and it hasn't held up as well as I'd hoped, but I'm still enjoying the trip back in time. ~Liza Street, author of Filthy Beast

Do you remember your first paranormal romance? Tell me about it in the comments!

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Paranormal Romance Authors Discuss...


It's the most wonderful time of the year!

No, I'm not talking about Christmas, silly. It's Halloween time! When the things that go bump in the night bump a little bit harder. When ghosts, ghouls, vampires, and werewolves come out to play. When the scent of pumpkin spice fills the air and the great debate over whether candy corn can actually be considered candy (or edible) persists.

And, of course, the best part about Halloween time is... THE MOVIES! From sweet to funny to gory to spine-chilling, there's a Halloween movie for every taste imaginable.

So, grab your latte or a mug of spiced cider and join us as my fellow paranormal romance authors and I discuss our all-time favorite Halloween movies!

Question: What's your all-time favorite Halloween movie and why?

Hocus Pocus has to my favorite go-to Halloween movie. I am a big Disney fan and everything about this movie was done perfectly. Bette Midler makes an incredible bad Witch and her sisters are just hysterical especially when they sing “I put a spell on you”. I watch this every year with my kids and it never gets old. ~C.D Gorri, author of The Macconwood Pack Novels & Tales

My favorite Halloween movie is Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. I watch it every year with my husband. Sometimes the kids join us, but my husband and I are just big kids and Halloween is our favorite holiday. I love this movie because at first they're scared, but then they go out of their ways to help the girls. ~Catherine Banks, author of The Artemis Lupine Series

My all-time favorite Halloween movie is It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I grew up watching this movie, and it always brings a sense of nostalgia when it's on. I still watch it every year, even though my kids aren't little anymore, and I'll keep watching it when they're grown and moved out!" ~Carrie Pulkinen, author of The New Orleans Nocturnes Series

The Addams Family (1991) is my favorite Halloween movie. I'm not a horror fan, and I was a huge Christina Ricci fan growing up. I thought the casting for this movie was fantastic, and I love the dark humor in it. ~Nicole Zoltack, author of When Vamps Bite (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 1)

I have two! My favorite Halloween movies are Nightmare Before Christmas and Beetlejuice! These two movies are dark yet funny, interesting visually, and have excellent music soundtracks. But the thing I love the most about them is the sense of innocence evident in both. The cartoonish, over-the-top characters and the childish feel of both stories capture the feeling of Halloween perfectly for me. ~Corinne O'Flynn, author of Academy of Supernatural Felons (series)

My favourite Halloween movie is Practical Magic. While trick or treating might be on hold this year because of the pandemic, the spirit of Halloween (wink, wink! ) can definitely be found in this movie. I have little stomach for horror, but as the author of paranormal romance my two favourite themes – romance and magic – can be found in spades in this film. I’m looking forward to yet another viewing this October! ~Beth Linton, author of The Guardians' Trust: Ana

My fave Halloween movie has to be Hocus Pocus because it reminds me of dressing up with my kids for Halloween. My kids are grown up now but we still watch the movie every year! ~Abbey MacMunn, author of Love Bites: A Dating Agency for Paranormals series

Corpse Bride is my favorite Halloween movie. I love the animation style, and the undeniably sweet aspect of a story that is really kind of dark. The main character is Victor, who has been put into an arranged marriage with Victoria. He is nervous about the wedding and while rehearsing his vows alone in the woods, he places the ring on a tree branch which turns into the hand of Emily, from the land of the dead. It's a fun story, and it's made by Tim Burton, which guarantees amazing visuals and music. ~Fiona Starr, author of Society of Ancient Magic (series)

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special is my favorite Halloween movie (if it can be called that). If you haven't yet seen this masterpiece of 70s camp, you can find it on Youtube in all its disco themed glory. It has children's television characters like Witchiepoo and Margret Hamilton as The Wicket Witch, Kiss (yes, that band), a comedy sketch with truckers and Tim Conway, Betty White, Hollywood stars, sitcom actors you only know from that one show, disco, some serious singing and dancing numbers, and rhinestones galore. Donny and Marie even made an appearance! At any given moment, you'll ask yourself why you are watching it, but you won't be able to turn away from it. It's brilliant and horrible and great, all at the same time. ~Jules Crisare, author of Broken Peak Pack

Just about any vampire movie. Interview With a Vampire is a favorite. I love the bond and love shared between them. That's what I like to write mostly. Another one that comes to mind is American Werewolf in London. I liked the graphics and the way they showed him changing. When I write my shifters, I always think back to that. ~Susan Griscom, author of the Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Series

My favorite Halloween movie is, hands down, The Addams Family. Oh my goodness, everything about this movie is perfect. The relationship between Morticia and Gomez. The character personalities. Especially Wednesday and Morticia. Gomez, a strong and emotionally available man who openly adores his family. The funny; good Lord, this movie cracks me up every time I see it and I've seen it approximately a million times. This movie embodies the type of book I strive to write. And now, I think I need to go watch it... again. ~Tami Lund, author of Mirror, Mirror, which, yes, is a funny Halloween romance!

Warm Bodies - Actual scary movies scare the poop out of me, except for some reason, not zombies. They are the one movie monster I've convinced myself isn't real. Plus, you know, this one is a romance! ~Aidy Award, author of the Black Dragon Brotherhood Series

My favorite Halloween movie is almost a tie between Practical Magic and Trick or Treat. But If I had to pick just one I guess I would choose Practical Magic. I’ve been watching it every year for a long time and I can pretty much quote just about every scene in it now. Witches are in my top 3 paranormal characters and when you add in the romantic element, I’m in. All in! Plus Midnight Margaritas!! Duh. ~Eliza Gayle, author of Southern Shifters World

What do you think?

Is your all-time favorite Halloween movie listed here? Or do you have something else to add to the list? Why do you love it? Let me know in the comments!

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Run Wild With the Wolves!

It's amazing to me that September is almost over. My husband and I sold our 5 bedroom house on August 15th. It is just the two of us and 5 bedrooms are way too many. So, now we are moving and starting a new adventure. And so far, I have to say, it hasn't exactly gone the way we thought. The moving experience isn't quite as easy as it was years ago. Houses are getting swept up so quickly, we barely have time to present an offer before they are gone. And the entire moving process is, well, just a real PITA.  Everything seems hard these days. Downsizing sounded like a great idea about 2 months ago, today, I'm tired and not so sure. LOL But we will endure the pain.

Onward to Book stuff. 

The audiobook for Protected by a Vampire is in production and I should be finished proofing that in a couple of weeks. I have to say, I am loving the performances by my narrators, John York and Gracia Gillund. They are truly masters at their craft.  

Bewitched by a Vampire is in the proofreading phase and I should have ARCs soon. If you would like to read and review, please click the Yes! I want to Review button below.

Yes! I want to Review

Here's a short snippet for you.

“Vanessa!” I shouted into the empty space where she’d been standing a moment ago.

What just happened? I swiped my hand over my face, wishing I could figure out what she’d been so pissed off about. Why did she think I was suggesting she was furniture? I simply wanted her to know that she was mine.

She didn’t need to get all uppity and in my face about being possessive. Of course, I was possessive. I was a vampire. It was in our nature. Wasn’t she possessive about me? Maybe that was the issue, reaffirming my concerns from earlier tonight. One thing was certain, though. I was jealous. But why? And of Julian? That was preposterous. But the way she’d smiled at him had my heart twisting in a knot.

I paced in the hallway, not sure what to do. I could follow her. I knew where she was. We had a blood bond for Christ’s sake. I always knew where she was. In fact, that bond was stronger than what I had with Chelle or Ari. Sometimes it was so strong; I could sense her emotions. This time, her anger.

I scratched my head. So why was I jealous? Had the conversation I had with Cian ignited some sort of insecurities in me? Fucking A. I was acting like a silly adolescent with a wicked crush on the prettiest girl in school. The untouchable one that everyone wanted to be with. Was I the one who needed the words in a ceremony to give me peace of mind? I started to dematerialize and go to her, but stopped, letting my molecules knit back together. No sense in even trying to go after her. I knew she’d have put a barrier spell on the perimeter of the room so that I couldn’t enter. So, I walked instead of teleporting to the studio. Alone. It was a piss poor attempt to peel away some of the bad feelings I was experiencing as if they could be shed like pounds of fat.

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Thanks for reading, stay safe and best wishes,

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Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Gets a Make-Over

Check out these new covers for my vampires!

Immortal Hearts of San Francisco Series

Don't forget to Pre-order Dark Moon Falls Vol. 2 and get all these other books when you do.

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Meet Milo from Dark Moon Falls Vol. 2
Why had this Milo guy followed me?
Back at the bar, when his delicious, dark eyes had skimmed over my face and settled on my lips, I couldn’t do much except excuse myself from his presence. Otherwise I would have kept staring at him, unable to form a coherent sentence. There was nothing worse than being reduced to a blubbering idiot whenever I was confronted by an attractive guy.
And now here he was standing outside of my car window in the dead of night on a dark road on the outskirts of Dark Moon Falls.
When I didn’t open the window, he tapped the glass again, then made a rolling motion with his hand. I shook my head, no.
“I’m not going to hurt you.” His voice sounded muffled through the glass.
Come on, Skye, get it under control. Even if this guy’s intentions weren’t good, I knew how to defend myself, plus I had Leo. I unsnapped the strap securing Leo, my Italian dagger, inside his leather sheath and wrapped my right hand around the bone hilt of the dagger and with my left forefinger, pushed the window control button down, lowering the glass about two inches.
“Are you okay?”
“I’m fine.” Why can’t he just leave me alone and go?
“Is something wrong with your car?”
I shook my head. I didn’t want his help. Well, maybe I did, but I didn’t want him to know I was stranded if his intensions weren’t the best.
“Then why are you stopped here? You do know it’s not safe to hang out here in the dark, right?”
Oh, God. Yes, I knew it. I tilted my face up to the opened part of the window. “That’s why I’m not rolling the window down any further.”
He nodded. “Okay.” He stuck his hands in his pockets and glanced up the road, then back down the other way. “Listen, I can help if you’re stuck.”
I sighed and tightened my grip around Leo and rolled the window down another inch. “I’m not sure what the problem is. It suddenly just stopped.”
“I smell gas. Maybe there’s a loose connection to the fuel tank. I can check it out. Let me get my flashlight. I’ll be right back.”
I rolled the window back up and watched him through the side mirror as he started back to his truck. But before he even made it to the end of my car, he quickly pivoted and hurried back to my car. Without so much as a warning, he yanked the door off its hinges, tossing it to the ground.
And then he grabbed me as I screamed.