Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Run Wild With the Wolves!

It's amazing to me that September is almost over. My husband and I sold our 5 bedroom house on August 15th. It is just the two of us and 5 bedrooms are way too many. So, now we are moving and starting a new adventure. And so far, I have to say, it hasn't exactly gone the way we thought. The moving experience isn't quite as easy as it was years ago. Houses are getting swept up so quickly, we barely have time to present an offer before they are gone. And the entire moving process is, well, just a real PITA.  Everything seems hard these days. Downsizing sounded like a great idea about 2 months ago, today, I'm tired and not so sure. LOL But we will endure the pain.

Onward to Book stuff. 

The audiobook for Protected by a Vampire is in production and I should be finished proofing that in a couple of weeks. I have to say, I am loving the performances by my narrators, John York and Gracia Gillund. They are truly masters at their craft.  

Bewitched by a Vampire is in the proofreading phase and I should have ARCs soon. If you would like to read and review, please click the Yes! I want to Review button below.

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Here's a short snippet for you.

“Vanessa!” I shouted into the empty space where she’d been standing a moment ago.

What just happened? I swiped my hand over my face, wishing I could figure out what she’d been so pissed off about. Why did she think I was suggesting she was furniture? I simply wanted her to know that she was mine.

She didn’t need to get all uppity and in my face about being possessive. Of course, I was possessive. I was a vampire. It was in our nature. Wasn’t she possessive about me? Maybe that was the issue, reaffirming my concerns from earlier tonight. One thing was certain, though. I was jealous. But why? And of Julian? That was preposterous. But the way she’d smiled at him had my heart twisting in a knot.

I paced in the hallway, not sure what to do. I could follow her. I knew where she was. We had a blood bond for Christ’s sake. I always knew where she was. In fact, that bond was stronger than what I had with Chelle or Ari. Sometimes it was so strong; I could sense her emotions. This time, her anger.

I scratched my head. So why was I jealous? Had the conversation I had with Cian ignited some sort of insecurities in me? Fucking A. I was acting like a silly adolescent with a wicked crush on the prettiest girl in school. The untouchable one that everyone wanted to be with. Was I the one who needed the words in a ceremony to give me peace of mind? I started to dematerialize and go to her, but stopped, letting my molecules knit back together. No sense in even trying to go after her. I knew she’d have put a barrier spell on the perimeter of the room so that I couldn’t enter. So, I walked instead of teleporting to the studio. Alone. It was a piss poor attempt to peel away some of the bad feelings I was experiencing as if they could be shed like pounds of fat.

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