Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Audio Links for Rocked by a Vampire and some other things

Good Morning! 
It's the day after Cyber Monday! Are you tried of deals? No? That's good. I have a couple listed here. And for all my contemporary readers, have you read Beautifully Wounded, Book 1 of The Beaumont Brothers yet? It's FREE! So be sure to get a copy soon. It won't be free forever. 
The Beaumont Brothers
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Available now at Amazon and Audible!

Rocked by a Vampire!

Rocked by a Vampire is now available at AMAZON and AUDIBLE. as well as APPLEGOOGLEPLAYKOBO,  and CHIRP. 
These books are all stand-alone stories, and John York is a fabulous narrator. He is doing the entire series and has narrated both Tempted by a Vampire and Captivated by a Vampire so far as well. He is working on book 4, Possessed by a Vampire and it should be out sometime in January 2020. 
Here is one of the first reviews for Rocked by a Vampire that has come in. 
This is so good, that I didn't want it to ever end. The chemistry, whether good or bad, between Lane and Vanessa, is magnetic and explosive. Very well written paranormal, the author blends the seemingly unmixable. Plot is intense, immersing and swift-paced with never a dull moment. They engage feeling of happiness and anxiety, I love that with time, they are steadfast and willing to communicate, trust, release all their pent-up emotions and open their hearts to love. Absolutely love this!!!! I received an audio copy at no cost and without obligation from the author. The male narrator has a very sexy voice, lol...the female narrator is good too, both do very good job with emphasis and intensity when/where needed. - Amazon Review
Please note, this audiobook is $8.99 at CHIRP, $9.99 at Apple, Googleplay, and Kobo, and $19.95 at Audible or FREE with your first month's subscription. So choose wisely.  Also, I believe it is $7.47 at Amazon if you have already purchased the ebook, but you'll have to check that out for yourself as I'm not certain what price will pop up on your device.
Get the Audiobook from Apple
Get the Audiobook from KOBO
Get the Audiobook from CHIRP
Get the Audiobook from GooglePlay
Get the Audiobook at Amazon
Get the Audiobook from Audible
The Audiobook for Captivated by Vampire is only $3.99 at Apple right now!
Be sure to check the price. and make sure it shows a $3.99 price. 
Get Captivated by a Vampire from Apple
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Author Takeovers December 5th
Join the fun and all the giveaways at the Dark Moon Falls Fandom event this Thursday, December 5th starting at 12:30 pm Eastern Time. where you can learn more about the authors of the stories in Dark Moon Falls Volume 1 and maybe win some awesome stuff. My time is 1:45 - 2:15 Eastern Time, 10:45 - 11: 15 am Pacific Standard Time.
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Don't Forget to Pre-Order Dark Moon Falls Volume 2
Great News! Dark Moon Falls II is now available for pre-order from iBooks and Nook. Amazon link is coming soon.
Dark Moon Falls Volume II is coming together. All new stories. Most of the authors are returning and some new ones are joining. Visit the new landing page for Dark Moon Falls II where you can find links to Pre-Order your copy now! 
Did you get Volume 1 yet? It's still available and you can download it today. 15 brand new shifter stories all set in the same mysterious town of Dark Moon Falls. This is a limited edition set and will disappear shortly after Volume II releases. 
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