Monday, November 29, 2010

A New Journey

So NaNoWriMo is over. Whew!!

I must admit, if I hadn't done it, I wouldn't have written 57,538 words to get me started on my new YA,  AFTERSHOCK

A journey of love, devotion, betrayal, tragedy, and disaster.


NaNoWriMo was fun. But will I do it again? Right now, I have to say no. But then November this year had been jam packed with so many wonderful things. It was tough to sit and write when I wanted to be visiting my new granddaughter who was born in October. It was equally tough to sit and write when my other new granddaughter was born on November 23. Not to mention the birthday bash I hosted for my 85-year-old mother on November 13 and of course, I had to cook Thanksgiving dinner. On top of all that, there were weddings and bridal showers to attend. There was also the planning for my son's wedding in December, not that I had to do much planning, but just to enjoy the excitement and buildup of the whole event. Those were the good and wonderful things. But along with the good, sometimes we have to take the bad. Like the visit from Mr. Sinusitis and Mrs. Coughing Scratchy Throat that insisted on overstaying their welcome making my life miserable.

But now that November is over and the stress of NaNo is gone, it's time to get wound back up for the fun and exciting stress of December and editing. Another new journey.

Happy writing. Hope you all had a fantastic November and Thanksgiving and if you had an unusual Thanksgiving or something special you would like to share, please feel free. I love your comments.


  1. Wow, you wrote a lot, Susan. Good for you!

  2. The visit from Mr. Sinusitis and Mrs. Coughing Scratchy Throat

    I want to read that story!

  3. Mike, you want to read the story about Mr. Sinusitis and Mrs. Coughing Scratchy Throat?

    It's a raspy story. Not a very good one. Most of the plot is a kinda hacked.

  4. Over 57K in one month? Nicely done!


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