Monday, June 27, 2011

Inspired by Music?

I love music. I really do. I don't believe I've ever met anyone who doesn't. Most writers I talk to tell me they listen to music while they write. I’ve tried this and for some reason I can’t do it. I end up only listening to the words of the song, usually silently singing along and unable to concentrate on the story I’m trying to write.

During the time I wrote Whisper Cape, I listened to Phantom Of The Opera,whenever I wasn't writing.

In my car, jogging, or wherever I was, The Music Of The Night and Gerry Butler's voice crooned in my ears and my mind was instantly with Cael and Addie. Of course, The Phantom of the Opera has nothing to do with the story of Whisper Cape, but the music inspired me. Maybe I was a little obsessed, but it worked.

Now, I need a new obsession. I have three different stories started. I have a full outline for the sequel to Whisper Cape and the first three chapters written, then there’s a completed young adult, Allusive Aftershocks, to re-write, which would need an entirely different musical theme. My other story, The Fawn, is very intense and needs a different style of music. Oh and I must not forget the story that was started with a friend, well that’s another very intense story that needs intense music or maybe something from the 30’s to get in the mood.

Although, I can’t actually listen to music while I write, I do get ideas for my stories while listening to music. I write mostly romance, paranormal and young adult, so no matter what the subplot is in my stories, the main plot is usually about the romantic relationship between my hero and heroine, so it is helpful to listen to love songs, broken-hearted ones usually work the best.

What are some of the types of music you listen to while writing? Or are you like me and need almost total silence to stay in your character’s head? I welcome your comments and suggestions.

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