Thursday, April 5, 2012

Save My Soul, by K.S. Haigwood

Blurb from Goodreads:

Kendra Larkin had everything going in the right direction. Her life was seemingly perfect, and she wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Unfortunately, the course of her life was about to be forever altered. A tragic repelling accident lands her on Dr. Adam Chamberlain's operating table.

She agrees to a deal proposed by a guardian angel to help save the soul of the man who is both her doctor and soulmate. If she is successful, she gets to keep her life. However, she later learns that it isn't just her life that's in jeopardy, but her soul as well.

Even with the help of her handsome guardian angel, Rhyan, it seems there is no happy ending in sight. Torn between her newly discovered love of Rhyan, and the undeniable attraction she has for Adam, Kendra finds herself at a crossroad. With Adam's steadfast rejection of God, and his guardian demon conspiring against her, she fears her soul may already be lost.

Will she find a way to overcome the evil her life is suddenly burdened with? Or will Adam's guardian demon win both their souls and make Kendra his own personal puppet in Hell?

My Review:

Lucky me! I had the pleasure to be one of the first to read and review this awesome story. Save My Soul has so much going for it. Kristie Haigwood has such a uniquely charming voice in this debut novel. I honestly felt like I was reading about a real person. She is a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure. Although quirky at times, Kendra is a strong, likeable young woman and pulled at my heartstrings immediately. This story was so charming and had the magical influence of the old angel on my shoulder, devil on the other. It reminded me of a few old movies I’d seen; Heaven Can Wait, It’s A Wonderful Life just to name a couple. A quarter-way into the book, I started questioning whether or not this was a religious book, but then realized there wouldn’t be any swearing in it then. There’s not much, just a little. Kristie made Kendra so believable the way she showed her working with the students during their photo sessions, I had to wonder whether Ms. Haigwood was in fact a photographer on the side. She did a remarkable job with the details.

There were a few twists in the story, I won’t give anything away, but for me, the more twists and surprises a story has the better. The love Kendra had for her guardian angel was an honest love that no one could deny and his love for her was one you would expect if you knew your own guardian angel and could actually see and talk to him. If you love books about angels this is a great one to read. You will be charmed along with everyone else who reads it. Great Job, Kristie!  Great Cover too! Thank you for allowing me to read this little gem.

Thanks for reading.


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