Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of Talion by Mary Maddox

by Mary Maddox

Genre: Paranormal Thriller/Horror
Publisher: Cantraip Press

298 pages
Description from Goodreads:
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Two victims. One sociopath. Lots of terror.

Serial killer Rad Sanders has big plans for his teenage victims:

Lu will watch as he kills Lisa and be offered a choice – become his slave or share the fate of her friend. Then Rad will get so deep inside her that she will no longer know where he ends and the pathetic remnants of herself begin.

But Lu has a little surprise for Rad . . .(

My Review

Scary but Addicting

Not my normal read, but every once in a while I like to be scared. Once I started reading this book I really didn’t want to put it down. It was very good, intriguing, strange, and scary. Oh boy was it scary and so disturbing on so many levels, but I could not stop reading it. It was interesting the way Ms. Maddox wrote this. Most of the book is written in past tense, but then there are a few scenes from Lu’s POV where she changes to present tense. I’m guessing it was done for intensity, although at first, it threw me off and I thought, wait, something’s wrong, but it really worked to help get into Talion. Ms. Maddox did a fantastic job of putting us into the head of that sociopath, Conrad, the way she described his stalking and planning and his gory past. The guy on the cover is exactly how I pictured him too—creepy. I did have a little trouble sleeping after reading this. Thank you Mary for giving me a copy of your book for an honest review.

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