Thursday, September 6, 2012

Finding Autum - Always Purrty Design - Artist Sportlight and Giveaway!


Autum Bredmose - Always Purrty Design

When I was asked to participate in this super talented lady's blog tour I jumped at the chance. You see, Autum Bredmose designed the cover for my paranormal/romance, Whisper Cape (Book 1).

Autum was without a doubt the easiest person to work with and she is quick! I think she found that picture of the girl she used as Addison within ten minutes and I knew this was going to be a wonderful cover. Of course, I supplied the background picture from my original cover (I had to use my inspiration for writing the book somewhere) but the tint, the moon and the cloud covered sky are all Autum's. After she sent me the proof the first day, I had a new cover in two days.

Aside from book covers, Autum designs awesome websites, blogs, and a variety of swag for authors. Heck, you can just go here to see what she offers and get her very affordable pricing.

Be sure to check out those book cover necklaces she makes. I'm going to get some of those babies.

You can visit the rest of Autum's tour from the schedule below. Oh and don't forget to enter to win
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  1. Thanks For Your Participation in this tour for Finding Autum a fantastic graphic arts designer.

  2. Thank you Susan! This was a wonderful write up. I love how your cover turned out!

  3. her designs are amazing, I am passing her name and blog address on to several indie author friends who could use some help in the cover design area.
    I need a blog makeover, I love my header but the whole blog needs more for my paranormal taste. :)

    1. Good luck and thanks for passing on her name. She is amazing.

  4. The cover design for Whisper Cape is absolutely gorgeous. Her necklaces are pretty good to.

    1. Thanks. I do love my cover. Come to think, I could use a new header too. :P

  5. Susan! Wasn't sure how to contact you. Hope this works! You won an Epic Slinky Dog when you posted on - drop me an email at with delivery specifics (or privately on FB)! Hope to hear from you!


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