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Today Only by D. Love
Published: May 11, 2013
Editor: Lizzy Ford
Cover Designer: Airicka Phoenix


In life, there are times you are granted a miracle. It may not be the one you wanted exactly, but it will be the one you need. It will prepare you for the next step in your journey and help you learn to accept the life you are given, even if that life can be heartbreaking.

My Interview with Derinda
Hi, Derinda, I’m so glad you could join me today. I know your fans are eager to learn a little bit about you, I know I am. So, let's just jump right in with question number 1.

1. When did you decide you wanted to write a novel?
 Well, it was on my mind for a while. The actual action of writing started about 6 months ago.

2.  Is there any message in your novel that you hope to convey to your readers?
There is so much that I hope people take from this book. I hope that they will know that with love you can conquer the hardest tasks in life. I hope that people will learn to see all the beauty life has to offer, as well as the importance of family, memories and support. Most of all, value what we have in "Today Only".

3.  Is there anything unique about the setting for your book?
 The setting of this book was mainly in the "home" which was filled with so much love and strength. The part of going to Nashville was an important part for me to add, because it will be a memory that I will carry in my heart forever.

4. Do your characters seem real to you? Can you relate to their story in any way that you would like to share with your fans?
My characters seem very real to me, I spent months talking to them in my head lol.

5. Do your characters remind you of anyone in particular?
These characters absolutely remind me of many of my friends. I used some my friends as cameo's in this story. I might of added to their demeanor a tad but they kept the same quality of some of my friends.

6. Does your heroine have any of yourself in her? If so, what features are those?
 The heroine Rye, does not have any features of me. However she does have features and personality of someone very close to me.

7. Do your characters change throughout the course of the story?
 I would say no, they certainly go through changes, but they maintain strength and courage from start to finish.

8.  Was any part of the book difficult to write or make you feel uncomfortable?
 The ending was the hardest part to write for me. It actually made me bed sick and a emotional wreck for days. I was so bad that my family asked me to change the ending.

9. Was there any particular song or song track that inspired Today Only?
Not the kind you are referring no, however it was a song of someone's heart that inspired so much of this story.

10. Today Only has a gorgeous cover. Can tell us how you chose the picture?
 I am so happy to answer this question. My cover was so important to me and this story. I worked so closely with Airicka Phoenix to make sure it was perfect. I asked Airicka to design this cover with as much "simplicity" as possible. Of course I wanted beauty. When she sent the photo over for me to look at, I actually had her crop a lot. The flower was the most important part. A symbol of how fragile life really is.

11.  When you write, are you a plotter or a panster?
I guess I lean toward the pantser side of the spectrum, however I would be better described as a heart'er. (Made that word up)  I simply write using my heart as the pencil, if that makes any sense.

12.  How long did it take you to write Today Only?
 It took me about 3 months, the ending is what took the longest.

13.  What’s in store for the future. Any other books in the works?
 Yes, but that is all I can say at this time :)

14.  Can you describe your writing workspace? If you work at a desk, what is on your desk right now.
 My writing place was everywhere LOL I literally would lay in bed picking up phone and sending a text to myself, of story line. Whenever thoughts would come in my head I was writing. My laptop was my new purse, it went everywhere with me.
Fun Stuff
White or Red Wine?
I do not drink. So I choose teas (hope that is ok) LOL

Favorite Ice Cream?
Oh my. I love ice cream. My favorite is praline pecan

Favorite Food?
ALL Food, I really love food hahahhahaha....although I would have to say I love Chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes. Does this mean you are going to cook for me Susan :)

I would love to cook for you, if I can find a good recipe for dumplings. LOL That would mean you'd have to come to my house for a visit. Which would be totally awesome! 

Favorite place to read?
I think my favorite place to read is in my sitting room.

Derinda, thank you for sharing your most inner secrets with us today.

Dear Susan,

Thank you so much Susan! I look forward to seeing your post and so honored you are doing this for me.

Love Derinda

Please enjoy this Excerpt from Today Only that Derinda has graciously shared with us.
I cross to the area that Jett has claimed for his garden. He appears to be in the zone as he works, oblivious to everything.
"Good morning," I call.
Jett throws dirt in the air and screams like Em.
"Good grief! You scared me to death, Rye!" he exclaims, turning.
I try to apologize but am laughing so hard, my ribs start hurting. I sit down. When his surprise wears off, Jett laughs as well. It takes me a few minutes to recover.
"So, tell me, Jett," I say when I’m able to breathe and speak again, "what is the importance of a garden?"
"It’s the healthy way to live," is all he says.
"Hmmmm," I reply. There’s got to be more. Any other day, I’d probably ask him more questions. But right now, I’m completely captivated by his work – and his body. He’s always in a t-shirt. Sweat makes it cling to his upper body, outlining the muscles of his wide back.
Tracing the definition of each muscle would take me all day, but I would definitely accept the job. He’s the sexiest man I’ve ever seen, and the kindest. He’s pretty much perfect.
"You wanna help me, or just stare at my ass all day?" he asks, twisting to see me.

 About Derinda:
I live in Maine. My biggest passion is for my family and friends. I adore loving others as if it is the biggest gift life can offer. I'm a read-a-holic, loves chocolate, cowboys and everyone on  Young Adult & Teen Readers Facebook page. My dream is to travel to Australia one day and see a kangaroo. I am nothing but simple. I do a lot of volunteer work. I have 2 beautiful daughters. 4 grandchildren, that constantly ask me if I lived in the black & white days.
My inspiration would be my daughters. Rita for her strength to keep fighting and constantly trying to take care of me, even though sometimes she can’t get out of bed & Kayla, for helping to pick up all the pieces that seem to fall when times get rough, and the love they have for me.

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