Monday, October 27, 2014

Starting A New Series

Starting a new book is never easy for me. My mind is usually still stuck in the heads of the characters from the previous book.

This time is particularly challenging, because I’m going from just finishing a contemporary love story, Beautifully Used, which is Brodie’s story and the sequel to Beautifully Wounded and heading back to a paranormal romance.

I’m excited about this new project. I can’t tell you exactly how many books there will be yet, but there will definitely be more than two to three, because this new paranormal romance takes us back to some of the characters of Whisper Cape. Interested? Read on.

I ended Whisper Cape with a happily ever after ending, thinking I’d told just about all I could about these unusual and powerfully supernatural  characters and their abilities, but then I woke up. LOL Yes, I am doing a spin-off from the Whisper Cape Trilogy.

I’m not going to reveal too much here and I don’t even have a title for this first book yet, but I’m thinking of calling the series The Sectorium Series, keeping the secret society alive from Whisper Cape.

Thanks so much for your time and for reading.



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