Wednesday, January 14, 2015

What's Behind The Cover?

A little insider information about Whisper Cape

I'm often asked if the setting for Whisper Cape is based on any particular area in Oregon. 

Well, the answer to that is yes and no. 

I originally based it on and around the Arch Cape and Rockaway Beach areas along the Oregon coast. I even went up there to do the research because of the cliffs. I changed the name to Whisper Cape because in case I got the scenery wrong I didn't want anyone to call me out on it. LOL Things like that can be so upsetting. 

Though the story itself takes place along the Oregon coastline, I also used a spot in Mendocino, California. The Beach house Cael purchases as well as the archway where Addison see's and talks to her father is based upon the Little River Inn in Mendocino. My husband and I stayed there for one of our anniversaries and I fell in love with it. The picture on the first book with the archway was taken on that trip. When I saw the formation made by the position of the rocks under the archway, my mind instantly started conjuring up all sorts of possibilities. It looked to me like a ghost or an angel.

Here is the original picture that I took during our visit to the Little River Inn. The archway was just a short walk from the house over a large, well manicured lawn.

 Below is the cover as it istoday. By the way, the original title, before it was published as Whisper Cape, was A Secret Fate. It was changed and I have always regretted it. So I had to title the last book A Secret Fate.

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