Friday, July 24, 2015

*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`*NEW RE-RELEASE*.✫*¨*.¸¸.✶*¨`* VANNI by Ginger Voight


Vanni: A Groupie Saga Prequel
by Ginger Voight

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Before the groupies. Before the stardom.
He was, simply, Vanni.

Carnevale knows what it means to struggle. Since his father abandoned the
family when he was a child, Vanni’s been in and out of trouble, trying to carve
his place in the world. That all changes when he moves to Brooklyn, to live
with his beloved great Aunt Susan.

introducing Vanni to music, Susan realizes his talent and pushes him to reach
his full potential. But her sudden death leaves him adrift, unable to connect
with anyone, friends and girlfriends alike. His personal life slowly
deteriorating, Vanni focuses on his music and dream of being a rock star. After
so many betrayals, he’s determined to keep everyone who might hurt him at arm’s
length—at the time people want him the most.

You already know how his story ends. Now read how it begins with VANNI: A PREQUEL.

Ginger Voight takes us back to where it all began, with an intimate look at one of
your favorite book boyfriends—from his perspective.


Author Ginger Voight

Ginger Voight is a screenwriter
and bestselling author with over twenty published titles in fiction and
nonfiction. She covers everything from travel to politics in nonfiction, as
well as romance, paranormal, and dark, “ripped from the headlines” topics like
Dirty Little Secrets.

 Ginger discovered her love for writing in sixth grade, courtesy of a Halloween
assignment. From then on, writing became a place of solace, reflection, and
security. This was never more true than when she found herself homeless in L.A.
at the age of nineteen. There, she wrote her first novel, Chasing Thunder,
longhand on notebook paper, while living out of her car. Fittingly, this book
will be the first released through traditional publisher in 2015.

 In 1995, after she lost her nine-day-old son, she worked through her grief by writing the story that would eventually become The Fullerton Family Saga.

 In 2011, she embarked on a new journey—to publish romance novels starring heroines who look more like the average American woman. These "Rubenesque"
romances have developed a following thanks to her bestselling Groupie series.
Other titles, such as the highly-rated New Adult series, Fierce, tap into the
"reality-TV" preoccupation in American entertainment, which gives her
contemporary stories a current, pop culture edge.

 Known for writing gut-twisting angst, Ginger isn’t afraid to push the envelope with characters who are perfectly imperfect. Whether rich, poor, sweet, selfish,
gay, straight, plus-size or svelte, her characters are beautifully flawed and
three-dimensional. They populate her lavish fictional landscapes and teach us
more about the real world in which we live simply through their interactions
with each other. Ginger’s goal with every book is to give the reader a little
bit more than they were expecting, told through stories they'll never forget.

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