Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rocked by a Vampire Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Title: Rocked by a Vampire
Author: Susan Griscom
Series: Immortal Hearts of San Francisco #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Self Published
Cover Designer: Susan Griscom
Cover Model: Brandon Katz / Period Images Photography
Release Date: July 29 2016


He’s dangerously sexy, impossibly arrogant, rude, and complicated as
hell, yet what he reveals to her makes it impossible to stay angry and she
can’t stop her growing desire for him.
Lane, the younger twin of two powerful and sexy vampires,
has always walked in his brother’s shadow. And for good reason. There are
monsters that plague his mind. Demons that once destroyed him. Broke him. Now,
his desire for Vanessa torments him, igniting those revenants whenever he
thinks of her. He’s desired her for months, but he hates what she is—what she
stands for. Can the witch he loathes be the one to tame his demons, or will she
only send him farther into hell?
He wants to claim her, own her until he discovers something
about her he has no choice but to admire, and when she lets down her guard, all
he wants to do is comfort her—love her.
Vanessa has her own fears to conquer. A witch by birthright,
she’s powerful yet vulnerable. How the hell will she be able to help Lane
defeat his demons if she can’t overcome her own?

They rock each other's worlds, but when evil comes knocking
at their door, someone will need to die or they’ll lose each other forever.

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