Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Did Someone Say Wet Kisses was on Sale? Why yes, yes it is.

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I love the month of October. I get to try to put on jeans that I haven't worn for 7 months and then say, "Forget it." and put on a pair of sweat pants before getting cozy in front of the fireplace and read all the fun paranormal books that go on sale for Halloween.
Let's face it, jeans are not all that comfortable, and to be honest, I only wear them when I go out. Not when I'm sitting at my computer working all day. Thank God for leggings, right? 
Well, I couldn't let the month start without a bang! Wet Kisses is on a Kindle Countdown deal in the United States starting today (Oct 2) and in the UK starting tomorrow (Oct 3) both ending this Sunday, so if you haven't read Wet Kisses yet, now is a great time to grab it at a discount. The discount changes as the days go by, so the sooner you get it the cheaper it is. 
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  1. I look dreadful in sweatpants and leggings - but the very best of luck with the promo, Susan


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