Thursday, April 15, 2010

Double Duty

Since this this is my first entry, I’m going to make it about the first two items on my list of topics; family and love, more to the point, my two sons. In the future, I could and I might make a few entries regarding them, as they are both in the military but I will not limit myself to that topic, but that could change as I become more familiar with it.

What’s it like to have a son in the military? I am asked this question a lot and I can’t answer it, mostly because it really hasn’t been long enough to sink in yet, but also because I have two sons in the military. And to top it off they’re in two different branches, one in the Air Force, the other in the Army.
What I can answer is, I’m very proud of them, a little scared, and I frequently find myself staring at their pictures.

People say, “Don’t you miss them?” Well, yeah, of course. But right now, it feels the same as when they were away at college. I get to talk to them frequently now that they’re out of basic training.

I can’t begin to tell you the feeling of pride I get when someone walks up to them and says thank you for serving. I get all warm and fuzzy inside.
I never thought I’d be a military mom. I didn’t raise my sons to be pro anything, other than kind and honorable human beings. They didn’t take ROTC in high school, they never showed any signs of having a political interest, or an interest in saving lives.

One could argue the point that some of today’s young men join the military because of the economy and the lack of jobs. While this may be the case, I believe they’ve made an honorable decision.

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