Friday, May 25, 2012

My Hero Wears Combat Boots

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Today I’m posting as Susan Griscom and this post is dedicated to my two wonderfully courageous sons, Brodie and Michael.

I’m a military mom, so you’d expect me to write something for Memorial day, right? Okay. I have two extraordinary boys, men, as I’m sure they’d like to be referred to these days, but they will always be my boys.

Brodie J. Hamilton, Senior Airman, in the U.S. Air Force 

Michael F. Hamilton, Specialist, in the U.S. Army.

Although they are three years apart in age, they both decided to join the military the same year. I wanted to take them both and run and never look back. Yeah, it was like that. 

Needless to say, I was a little upset, maybe upset is the wrong word, more like scared shitless. But it’s okay, now, I’ve come to terms. I have nothing but respect for the military. My dad was in the Army—served in WWII, my grandfather was in the army—died in WWI. My husband’s dad was in the Marines. My sons are who they want to be and they are happy, which makes me happy. And I have to admit, they have both changed for the better and have grown into the men I always knew they would be. I’m sure that was bound to happen anyway, considering …

Brodie, my oldest, has been stationed in Guam—lucky guy—for the past two years. He’s leaving that paradise soon though, and heading to Alaska. Yep, from the warmth of a tropical island with beautiful waterfalls and sandy beaches, where I hear snakes are abundant, (yikes) to the frigid cold of ice and snow where the polar bears live. Oh my. You can be rest assured that it hasn’t been all fun and games in paradise, though. Yeah, there’s talk of golf games and kayaking, not to mention the occasional beer pong games, but let’s face it, being on the other side of the world away from your family and friends, working with dangerous artillery has to be draining on the soul. I miss you, Brodie.

Michael, or Mike, as he likes to be called, is my baby. He’s a firefighter stationed at the  Grafenwöhr Army Base in Germany—a major US Army training installation. He’s been there for two years now and in that time he’s gotten married to a beautiful lady, Stephanie and now they have a beautiful baby boy, Lukas. My husband and I call him Lucky Luke, because he is the seventh lucky grandchild we have. Mike’s job isn’t all fun and games either. He’s away from his wife and son months at a time and has missed a lot of Lukas’ first year. I miss you all.

About two years ago, I wrote what’s called a drabble for a contest in a writing group I belonged to. A drabble is a story exactly 100 words long, no more, no less. A complete story with a beginning, a middle, and an end. I won the contest by the way and I’m posting that story below, dedicated once again to my sons, Brodie and Michael.

My Son
Susan Griscom

I held you close to my heart. Your eyes wide and brown, taking in my face for the first time. I never thought it would go by this fast, my life forever changed.
"Mommy, I missed you," you cried after your first day of school.
My soul overflowed with joy.
"Mom I'll be fine," you said, driving away for the first time on your own as I waved from the porch, my heart in my throat.
My ears ache for the sweet sound of your voice... Mom, I'm home. I'm fine. I've missed you.
My son, my soldier, my hero.
I'd like to say thank you to all the men and women who serve in the armed forces and the wives, husbands, moms and dads who stand behind them


  1. Hey, really nice. An excellent tribute for Memorial Day. My Dad was in WWII also, my brother in Germany also, and my oldest brother in Vietnam. Glad they are home safe. Hugs.

  2. Hi Diane,

    Thanks for stopping by. Memorial day is not just about BBQs, huh. I came across an interesting blog post today if anybody stops by here, check it out. It's a post by Kevin Hanrahan a recent new friend of mine on Goodreads and twitter.
    More Reasons Why Women Shouldn't Be in Combat Units It's not what it sounds like.

  3. Better late than never...

    A huge thank you to your sons for their service. I know military life is very much a sacrifice for the whole family, so a thank you to you as well. I can't imagine having a loved one in the service. You must be so proud.

    Thanks for sharing this post. <3


  4. Thanks, Rachael. I am very proud of my sons.

    Laters, back at ya.


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