Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Name Change and Adding Susan Griscom to Whisper Cape

After doing some minor ... actually major adjustments to my profile on Goodreads and everywhere else, changing my name from Regan Walsh back to Susan Griscom, my real name, well ... it has been a bit challenging and I lost all my Goodreads fans. :(

If you find a minute, please go here:

and please add your name back to my fan list.  Thanks everyone!!

If you've wondered why I changed, the explanation is simple. I have a young adult book, Allusive Aftershock, coming out sometime in 2013 (cover reveal soon) and I am using Susan Griscom, me, LOL as the author name. I've updated my Whisper Cape series covers showing Susan Griscom writing as Regan Walsh, instead of just Regan Walsh. The name Regan Walsh was a suggestion by my publisher, but having the two identities is beginning to wear on me and I think I might be able to manage my books, emails, tours, and social media better as Susan.

Thanks for reading


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