Thursday, December 13, 2012

Candy Cane Kink Giveaway Hop Dec. 14th - 21st

Candy Canes are yummy! So is a good sexy read.
Enjoy and then be sure to enter to contest for a signed print copy of Whisper Cape - a sexy paranormal romance by Susan Griscom or  Kade's Dark Embrace - another sexy read with vampires by Kym Grosso.

Whisper Cape by Susan Griscom 

“You read romance novels?”
“Let’s just say I enjoy a good mystery once in a while and if there happens to be a little sex and romance in it, so much the better.”
She laughed and he slipped his hand down between her thighs; soon her laughter changed to moans of delight. He lifted Addie up and turned her toward him as she wrapped her legs around his waist, lowering herself onto him. She quivered at the pleasure of having Cael inside her again as he moved deep within her.
How did he stir such erotic emotions in her? All those desires, somehow missing from her soul, now came to the surface. His possessive hands on her slick hips guided her slowly as he went deeper and deeper, until the rhythm intensified.
He pulled her close, his chest against hers, buried his face in her hair and whispered, “Addison.” The sweet sound of her name spoken in a voice so soft and husky sent an erotic shudder through her body.

Kade's Dark Embrace by Kym Grosso

As Luca danced with Sydney, he was reminded that he had not been with a woman in a long time. She was Kade’s woman, but that didn’t mean he did not appreciate the opportunity to touch her body. Just as she was beginning to relax, Luca spun her around into Kade’s arms. But instead of moving away, Luca rubbed against Sydney’s ass reaching his hands around her waist. His hands slowly inched up under Sydney’s breasts as Kade kissed her passionately.
Sydney’s senses were overwhelmed. What the fuck was going on? She was letting two vampires monopolize her body, sandwiched in between them, loving every minute of it. Kissing Kade took her away into a headspace that she rarely went, pure pleasure. Yet, it scared her that she was letting him see her raw, so exposed. And worst of all, she felt the tingle all over her body. Wishing the situation with him could be permanent, she was falling for him.
Kade grasped the nape of her neck and leaned in to speak sensually in her ear, “Sydney love, you are stunning tonight. Indeed, I am going to find it hard to let you go after this dance.” He kissed the lobe of her ear. “You seem to like playing with two men. Enjoying our dance with Luca aren’t you, love? But remember this Sydney, I don’t share, and at the end of tonight, you will be mine.” Mine? He could not believe he used the word but at the same time, he could not deny the all-consuming need to claim Sydney as his. He had every intention of making love to her over and over again, and was looking forward to hearing her scream his name in ecstasy.

Now for the giveaway!


  1. Love Miracle on 34th Street and I can't remember it's name, I think it's called 'The Holiday' with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black!

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