Thursday, February 7, 2013

A snippet from A Secret Fate, Whisper Cape, Bk 3

My newest work in progress is A Secret Fate, the third book in the Whisper Cape series and I'm happy to share this short excerpt with you.  Just remember this is the first draft and has not been edited by anyone. Not even me.  

    For the umpteenth time, over the past two weeks, Addie recited the words over and over again in her head, begging, pleading, Cael, please remember me. Please remember you love me.
    Dragging her useless, helpless, and now rail-thin of a frame from the bed—their bed, his bed—she stumbled into the bathroom, hardly recognizing the person in the mirror. The sunken, dark eyes, her indented cheekbones, only made her brown eyes look larger and more recessed, giving her face a hollow look. Well, that was fine, now her face matched her hollow and empty soul. 
    She couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep, couldn’t eat. Gerry threatened to give her job to Darcy permanently if she didn’t snap out of it and get her rear end into the bar soon. She didn’t care. Why should she? Let Darcy have the damn job. She didn’t need it. She had her trust fund, didn’t she? Couldn’t face going in there, seeing all those people, everyone asking how she was getting along … without Cael—the unspoken part of the sentence. Well, how the hell did they think she was? She just lost the man she loved. Lost her dad the year before. Who would be next? Who would she lose next? Maia? The Twins who weren’t even born yet? Unthinkable. But, as the old saying went, bad things happened in threes. Maybe if she stayed home, away from other people, nobody else would die or disappear. Her family, friends, they’d all taken turns checking in on her, Darcy one day, Maia another. Gerry, Cael’s uncle Bart even stopped by. Someone, once a day would come knocking on her door trying to coax her out of the house. “Not ready,” she’d say. “I need time.” How much time would it take? How much time does a person normally require before they learn to cope with the loss of a loved one? Learn to cope? She didn’t want to learn to cope. Addie hadn’t had much time with Cael to begin with. She felt cheated. Resentful and cheated that she didn’t get to love and enjoy her soul mate any longer than only a few short months. According to Maia, Cael and Addie were fated. She and Cael had joked, laughing about it being a secret fate because of Addie’s secluded and sheltered childhood. Well, fate was cruel, wasn’t it?

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  1. Please, Cael remember Addie! Or drop by mine whichever works. NO mustn't be selfish! Remember Addie! Lol! Can't wait for this to be released! I need them to have a happy ending, for Cael to be found and for him to remember Addie! I feel like crying for Addie right now! I know the others are just trying to help but how about allowing her some time and just giving her a hug or sending her to the institute for a week instead of trying to get her to go straight from house to behind the bar!


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