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What do you get when you mix teenage love, betrayal and disaster together?
Allusive Aftershock

Being in love when you're only seventeen or eighteen doesn’t mean it feels any less important or less powerful than if you're twenty-five or fifty. Love is love, no matter how old you are. So many people marry their high school sweethearts and manage to stay married for 70+ years. That's pretty powerful if you ask me. Although I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to have found my soul mate in high school, the fact there are many, says so much about the power of young love.
Writing Allusive Aftershock took some time traveling back to my own young adulthood years and back to my first serious boyfriend. It was serious up until I went away to college and he didn’t. Things happen. But he was my boyfriend during that awful earthquake we went through in our senior year of high school. The one I used in the beginning of Allusive Aftershock actually happened almost the exact way I described it in the book, except I didn’t have a little sister and brother. But, the earthquake in the beginning is the only part of the book that was taken from experience. The rest, I hope never happens, except maybe the love part.
In Allusive Aftershock, both boys in the book are hot, so I had fun imagining I was Adela and having the difficult decision of figuring out which one she should actually trust, or like or even love.
Natural disasters happen all over the world, whether it’s an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or fire they can all be devastating. I chose an earthquake for this story, only because I’d experienced them and could relate a little better. However, the ones that happen in Allusive Aftershock are fiction except for some similarities of the first one, but I would never want to be in one as horrible as the ones in Allusive Aftershock. My heart goes out to everyone who has ever experienced anything life-threatening caused by mother nature. When I wrote Allusive Aftershock, for me, it was more about the relationships between Adela, Courtland and Max that fueled the story, not the disaster. If you read Allusive Aftershock, I’d love to hear your thoughts and you can email me at or simply leave a review on Be sure to enter the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a personalized autographed copy of Allusive Aftershock. Sorry, but with the high cost of shipping, this contest is USA only for the print book. But I'm also giving away 5 more e-book copies on Anna Dase's blog Read Between The Lines so be sure to enter that one which is international. 

Available in AUDIOBOOK format too! Great fun to listen while you exercise or clean house. You can find it on Amazon, and iTunes

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 Enjoy this excerpt from Allusive Aftershock from Adela's POV

With no electricity, I could barely make out the two figures standing by the door to the cellar. If not for the half moon, I would not have been able to see them at all. I stepped up to them and realized they were staring up at the sky and my eyes naturally followed their gaze. I had never seen such an awesome sight. Without any city lights for miles and miles, the stars in the sky were unusually bright and plentiful. A truly beautiful sight.
“Wow,” I whispered, standing between Max and Court. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Court’s focus change and he stared down at me. There was something strange about the way his eyes bored into me, as if he could see into my soul. I waited for him to look away but he held his gaze on me while I pretended to marvel at the sky. I’d never seen him stare at me that way before and I got nervous. My fingers fidgeted with each other and I clamped two of them in my other hand to steady them. If I hadn’t known better, I never would have guessed in a million years he had injuries. His eyes stayed fixed on me with an intense tenderness I had never seen from a boy before. Maybe Courtland Reese wasn’t so bad after all. Standing between the two of them in all their glorious hotness had my stomach doing flip-flops. I knew it was wrong to think these things under the circumstances, but maybe my mind just needed the distraction … or confusion. I loved Max, but I was beginning to like Courtland too. Man, I was in so much trouble. 

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