Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Giveaway because there are only 4 More Days Until AOTB

There are only four more days until I'm in San Francisco, sitting behind a table with all my books waiting to sign them in a room full of twenty-one other amazingly talented authors. And I have to admit, I'm feeling a bit nervous about that. So, I need somewhat of a distraction and I can't think of a better way than having a giveaway!!!!

So who wants a signed print copy of The Fawn?

The title of The Fawn is a metaphor and the book is not actually about a cute little deer, so to win a signed copy of The Fawn, comment below and tell me what your most memorable childhood lesson was or your most wonderful memory from your childhood.

This giveaway is also on my facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/SMGriscom)  and I will tally both. If you enter both, you will have two chances to win. If you share this post, please tag me and you will have another chance to win.

Good luck and happy reading


  1. My most memorible lesson was when I was a teen. I wanted to go somewhere I knew my parents wouldn't approve, so I lied and told my parents I went to see a movie. Well I obviously wasn't very bright and picked a movie I had never seen. My dad had seen it and asked me what the ending was. I couldn't tell him and boy did I get in trouble. Never tell someone you are going to a movie if you haven't seen it. LOL Maybe that isn't the lesson I should have learned. hehe

    My most wonderful memory from childhood is going on a family vacation to Georgia to see my extended family down there. It was so much fun and I really miss those days.

  2. I remember always going out of town with the family and that was the most amazing times i have had as a family...anytime my aunt wanted to go see someone she would always come get me and we would be gone till we were ready to come home lol she called me her travel buddy because no one else would ever go.

    1. Thanks Celsey. I bet you made a great travel buddy. ♥

  3. My best childhood lesson came from my grandfather. Several cousins and I were spending the summer in the island where grampa and grandma ran a gas station/ general store/bait and tackle/post office/lunch counter... My uncle took the boys fishing, boating, and digging for worms to sell as bait. My aunt, grandmother and great-grandmother had all of us girls making jam, putting up vegies, cooking... then my grampa picked me to go to town and pick up some parts to fix the ice house and build a shed. He had to take me over grandma's objections. We spent the next few days, just gramps and me, fixing the condenser for the ice house and finishing the shed with lots of shelves for all the jars gramdma had been putting up. I learned so much, especially about expectations of gender roles and that girls can do anything.

  4. I answered on the post on FB so thought I'd share more here best lesson for someone else: when state troopers call a junkyard at 3 am to come clean up a wreck they should not expect a big burly man! Some times it may be a chick in daisy dukes! Lol! Silly men should never judge a book by it's cover!

  5. one of my favorite childhood memories is going to the Cleveland zoo with my sister Tina , her husband, and her kids. why so memorable? lol they had went to cedar point the day before and were suuuuuper tired it made for a very silly day with lots of laughs

  6. My most wonderful memory of my childhood is when I came down on Christmas morning and found a wooden doll house my mom had made. It was made of pressed board, and had no decorations or furniture, but it was something I always wanted. This was special, because my mom is a single parent, and I rarely got anything I wanted--she spent most of her money on my brother that is five years younger than me and still favors him to this day. kbinmich AT yahoo DOT com

  7. my fave childhood memory is of my grandmother reading to me sitting outside under the Willow tree in her backyard. She would read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn to me a chapter at a time and I think that is why to this day that it is one of my all time favorite books.

  8. This contest is now closed. Thanks so much for playing. The winner is Terri Barber


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