Monday, April 22, 2013

Book Signing at the Los Angels Times Festival of Books

The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books was a blast and a wonderful learning experience for me. Although this was not my first book signing it was the first time at such a large event. I have to admit, at times I felt a little intimidated by the overall size of the event. I even managed to get lost once looking for my car in one of the many, many parking garages at USC. 
There were seven of us in our twenty-foot long Murder We Wrote booth. All mystery writers consisting of multiple genres, from humorous detective and who dun-its, legal thrillers, psychological thrillers,  and romance and paranormal murder mysteries.  
The best part of about this event for me was the wonderful cross promoting between authors. Everyone went out of their way to help the other authors promote and sell their books. We were there to sign our novels and make new relationships with fans and that’s exactly what happened. If readers didn’t care much for the humor but were interested in the more serious mystery or romance, they were sure to be sent down to the authors representing that particular genre.
I made new friends, hopefully new fans and maybe, just maybe , sparked the interest of some future fans who liked reading their books on their electronic devices instead of print, not many of those at this event. Although I do tend to sell more e-books than print, at this event most of the readers I met, indicated that they preferred reading and holding a real print book as opposed to the digital kind. I love print books they look so pretty on my bookshelf. So pretty in fact, sometimes I will buy both the print and the digital format so I don’t mess up the print book.
I can’t close out here without giving a shout out to my fellow Murder We Wrote authors and thank them all for the wonderful encouragement and great advice they had. Pam Ripling aka Anne Carter, Gayle Carline, Jenny Hilborne, Paul Marks, Teresa Burrell, Terry Ambrose, and Jim Stevens. You all rock.
If you like mysteries, murder and suspense and you haven’t checked out their books yet, you can find us all on Amazon under our authors names.

Another thing that made this event very special for me was a visit from Kerry Erickson all the way from San Francisco. Thanks so much Kerry for your support.
Thank you for reading

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