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A Close Encounter with the awesome Nikki McCarver

Welcome to my blog, Nikki as I once again turn the tables and interview one of my favorite book reviewers/bloggers. Thank you for stopping by my blog to let my readers get a little acquainted with you and some of the wonderful things you do for us authors. Because—and I’ve said this before—with wonderful book bloggers like you, we’d be lost and unknown, struggling to find readers for our beloved creations.
Thank you for inviting me!  It’s nice to get out of the dungeon for a while, and you have a very interesting house.  It’s like being on a boat!  Any Mermen around?  Oh!  It’s Phantom!  Hello Gerry!  You are one of the few humans I would LOVE to have on Level 3!!  Could I borrow him?  I brought Aria along with me to your blog..I hope you don’t mind.  We are trying to teach Marcus about responsibility and Aria needs a break…Don’t you baby?  You’re such a good mommy!  Aria just had her second clutch of babies, and we are having a girl’s night out.  After we leave here we are going hunting. We are hoping to add to the 7th and 12th levels tonight.  *watches as Aria scampers over to Gerry* You too Aria? 

1. Nikki, brace yourself, strange things happen here too. The background just changed and… well, you are no longer on that boat. :) You can borrow Gerry, but you must have him back by midnight or his cute little pug will start whimpering. Nikki, you run a very creative and interesting book review blog. Can you tell us how you got started?
Well, I started collecting paranormals...because well, they live forever right?  So I can play with them as long as I want and then let them go…as long as I give them time to regenerate.  I learned that early on.  So I built the dungeon to help me house them and my collection got rather extensive so I started building down.  I had a run in with some hot demons on the way down and well…I convinced them that they wanted to help me keep building.  Little did they know they were the test subjects for the bottom  Of course Lucifer stepped in because one of them was a supposed general and ruined all the fun.  But he gave me a purple and a red demon for compensation and I let Loc go.  He still comes and visits me so it’s allllllll good!  Plus I have two more …err….”guests” to…tor….play with?  LOL.  When I am not “playing” with my pets or guests I read.  Authors make such good slave…companions.  I have a few down there visiting with me right now.

2. Okay. That certainly is nice to know. Your blog has a somewhat uh … different and unusual quality. It is always entertaining. Can you tell us a little about what makes it different and unusual?  You mean besides all the torture devices and toy boxes?  Rocking hot sex scenes?  Vast amounts of paranormal hunks and naughty demons?  And of course….my pets.

3.  Haha. Well, that would be exactly what I meant. What is it that you love most about blogging?  Discovering new authors and their creations!  After Pippa and Tarah left I had to add alien wing to the 8th level. They have to be in with the Cyborgs that aren’t allowed any electrical devices.  Silly hotties try to take over my domain all the time if they get access to a computer.

4.  What are your favorite genres to review?
I like a unique read. Genre doesn’t matter as long as its popping and interesting.  My tastes range from sexed up to sexless….just like with my

5.  Are there any special requirements that you need in order to review a book?
I try to give everyone a chance, but it has to be fiction…..or a cookbook.  I can’t do Christian Lit or Nonfiction…I like my imaginary realm.

6.  What happens when you’ve agreed to review a book but it turns out to be the book from hell?  Hell?  Well Lucifer has written a few books, believe it or not, but they are rather boring.  He is big into his Golf game, which by the way is TORTURE to read about.  The demons actually write some awesome How to Torture the Unwilling and Love it, and the succubi write divine erotica….no pun intended of course.

7.  How long does it take you to set up a blog post?  
It depends on what’s going on that day and how many yummy distractions I have.  And if the Cyborgs are trying to highjack the connections…naughty naughty hotties those Cyborgs.

8.  Close Encounters of the Night Kind has a very creative and fun theme. Did you design it yourself and how did you come up with the name?
Yes, it’s all me.  I’ll give credit to Autum for the awesome design work on my dungeon and Anna for the little additives.  But the birth, creation, and theme are all mine.  I try my best to keep expanding my set-ups and coming up with different promos.  

9.  Do you have any special plans for the future of Close Encounters of the Night Kind?
Always!!  Always planning something new and fun to tantalize and entertain!!

10.  Can you tell us a little about what you offer authors?  
Fun!!  I want everyone to enjoy being on my site!!

And it is always fun at Nikki’s blog.

11.  I’ve been told this is an unfair question, and that may be true, but if you were on a desert island, what book would you like to have with you, knowing you’d be reading it over and over again?  Easy…it’s a book that hasn’t been written yet.  It’s the one where the Phantom ends up with the girl...instead of the other guy.  I have to give it up for my yummy bad guys.  I really believe the Phantom is part demon…which would explain my attraction.

12.  Some book reviewers like this and some don’t. Do you like when an author comments on your review of their book?
If you contact me and ask me to read your work and DON’T say anything? Then you end up on level 2.  Not a happy day for you.:)  It’s what the author feels comfortable with. I don’t mind either way.

13.  This is one of my favorite questions that I like to ask authors that I interview and so I’d like to know about book bloggers too. Do you have any book boyfriends? If so, who are they?

Jericho Barrons

  Mr. Darcy  

  Very nice. You and I have one of the same book boyfriends. (Phantom forever).

14.  What do you like to do when you are not blogging or reading? I do have a dungeon to run   Lots of yummy paranormals just dying to get me…muahahaahahha.

Here are some silly and fun questions to let the readers get to know the real you.

Do you know anyone who is famous? Does the King of Hell count?

Yes, he does.  Um… moving on…

Chocolate or Vanilla? Are we talking sex or food?????
We can leave that up to the reader.

Beach, Lake or Pool? Hmmm... I have a thing for water so all?

What is your favorite adult beverage? Rum, Tequila, or Mango Tangos!!
You and I need to hang out. :)

What is your favorite food? Lol...yes I better not answer THIS one.

Thank you, Nikki, for sharing a little about yourself here on my blog today.

Thanks so much for having me….So Aria has Gerry wrapped up….literally, but don’t worry she doesn’t like the taste of humans...much.  I’ll take him with me and extract him and bring him back.  It is a long way down so it may be a few weeks...but I will bring him back!!  Aria, you wrapped him so you carry him!

Wait!! I told you, Gerry has to be back my midnight... Aria. Aria? Damn.

Well, there you have it. An interview with the awesome Nikki from Close Encounters of the Night Kind. For more of Nikki, visit her at her blog. And if you find Gerry, please send him back. Thanks.

Happy Reading!!

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