Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Signed Print Copies of REFLECTIONS - A Goodreads Giveaway

I am extremely excited to announce that REFLECTIONS is being offered in a Goodreads Giveaway!


    Goodreads Book Giveaway

        Reflections by Susan Griscom



          by Susan Griscom

            Giveaway ends November 10, 2012.
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Enjoy this short excerpt from REFLECTIONS

Gerry braced himself, hands on the cold tile wall, as the shower’s soothing pulse flowed down his back. Maia stepped in behind him.
“Gerry?” Her voice was soft and timid.
“Yes, baby…” Her hands came around his waist and he became putty in them. “Christ, anything.”
“I’m frightened.”
That wasn’t what he’d expected to hear. There wasn’t much that scared Maia—having grown up with an older brother who had … well, the most powerful abilities Gerry had ever witnessed until Addie and Cael got together. He turned to face her, studying her eyes as water flowed over both of them.
“You know I love you Maia, more than life itself. I won’t lose you or the twins. The day you accepted me, even after I’d kept my abilities from you, was the luckiest day of my life. I’m not about to let some old hag ruin that.”
“I never had the slightest problem with your secret, though I still don’t understand why Ristéard never told you I knew about his abilities. He was my brother after all; you had to figure I knew.”
“I’d hoped you knew, but still, considering Addie hadn’t developed her powers yet, and being aware you didn’t possess any, I couldn’t take the chance.”
“Well, you’d better not keep anymore secrets.”
“If I do, I could just make you forget about them,” Gerry teased with a devilish grin.
“Hmmm … maybe I should start leaving myself notes and hiding them from you just in case.”
“Then I’d have to make you forget where you put the notes.”
Taking her face in his hands, hoping his eyes revealed the seriousness and devotion he felt, he shook his head just a little to help. “No secrets, Maia, I promise. And everything will be fine. Addie and I will make sure.”
“Okay, no more talk of old women or any other scary thoughts.”

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