Monday, October 1, 2012

Tommy Castro in South Lake Tahoe

Excuse me while I stray away from books, reading and wrting to tell you about the awesome concert I went to last Saturday night.

Our friends invited us to help celebrate their twenty-first wedding anniversary and join them at a Tommy Castro concert at Harrah’s South Lake Tahoe. I’m really glad we said yes! The concert was amazing. The small auditorium made it extra special.

We didn’t buy our tickets at the same time as our friends, so our seats were not together. However, when we all arrived inside and found our seats, we noticed that directly behind us was a really cozy looking seating area that just happened to be empty. It had two sofas and two little tables and room for dancing. Perfect for the six of us. And they let us have it.

So enough about the seating arrangements. How was the concert?

Tommy Castro did not disappoint, singing songs like Nasty Habits – one of my favorites, he and his band, including some awesome extras, Terry Hanck, a master on the saxaphone, Debbie Davies and Jason King Roxas were amazing, with James Pace on the keyboard—man that guy can pound the keys—we were all up dancing in our little private area. Tommy has a unique voice that kills and he really has a knack for getting the crowd up and out of their seats. A very enjoyable concert and I would love to see Tommy and his crew again.

We all had a great time! 


  1. Live music - love it. Love Lake Tahoe too. Was there many years ago. Got the pictures to prove it :)

    1. Yeah? Well someday I need to visit your hometown. It was a beautiful weekend in Tahoe.


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