Friday, August 9, 2013


I'm enjoying writing this third book in the series so much, I'm having trouble keeping it to myself until publication day. So enjoy this little snippet and I hope you have a super duper weekend. ♥


“I’m a mess, Cael,” she whispered into the stillness of the room. A room so ghostly still since he’d been gone. Her mind and soul possessed a similar emptiness now that she couldn’t hear his thoughts or feel him in her head. “I miss you so, so much. Why can’t you hear me? Why can’t we communicate anymore? I know you’re not … gone from this world. That I know. I do feel that here.” She placed her hand over her heart as the single tear dripped down her cheek. Tired of crying, tired of the stabbing pain in her heart she wanted to feel something else. Anything else, but the only thing she had was her powers. She held out her hands and felt the heat generate through them and up her arms. She closed her eyes, willing the fire to take control.

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  1. I am so looking forward to this book and praying for a reunion between Cael and Addie! Also for bad things to happen to Aidan but that's just me! Lol!


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