Thursday, November 8, 2012

Men and Women of the Military Blog Hop Nov. 9-15

I'm a military mom
and so I just had to join in this hop.

For me this giveaway on my blog is in honor of my two sons who serve in the military. 
My oldest son, Brodie, is stationed in Alaska with the US Air  Force
My youngest son, Michael is stationed in Germany, a firefighter with the US Army

I'm offering one e-book of from my Whisper Cape series, they are not military, but both books have some kick ass guys in them. To keep with the theme, I will be including a little military themed swag. 
Sorry, this giveaway is US only.

Follow along the rest of the hop from the list below and enter to win more prizes.



  1. hi susan, i dont have anyone i know of in the military, but i really do appreciate the men and women who are serving.

  2. My dad was in the Army for 28 years. Spent a lot of years on Military bases. My nephews are both in the Navy. Thanks for participating in the hop and the chance to win.

  3. My hubby did 24 years in the military and I did 4.

  4. My husband served in the Army.


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  5. I have several friends and nephews in the military and my husband is ex-military.

  6. My dad was in the army for 20 plus years, I am proud to say I am a Army Brat. He served in Vietnam for a year and a half.

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  7. I have family and friends in different areas of the miltary from my cousin who is a retired from the Air Force, my dad who is also retired from the Army, my brother-in-law is in the Army, family friend who is like a big brother to me is a Marine... I can go on.
    My family and I decided to sign-up and be Secret Santa to a miltary family.
    Take Care and thanks :)

  8. I don't have any friends or family in the US military. My husband is from India & his brother was in the army there.


  9. The only one who served after I was born was my older brother, but he developed (non-service related)health issues and was discharged in less than a year.

  10. My dad was in the air force, my stepdad was in the army and an old neighbor that's my age is currently serving. Thanks for being a part of the hop.


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