Sunday, November 18, 2012


Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Well … where do I start? We’ve all been waiting so long for this final installment. I must admit, I was a little bent out of shape when they made this last book into two movies, but let me tell you NOW I completely understand why and I am so glad they did. This last movie was absolutely fantastic.

IMHO, better than the book!

Now I have never claimed that before. Not once have I ever read a book then watched the movie where I thought the movie was better. It just doesn’t happen. But in this case it did.
 In the book, like all the books, we only get Bella’s point of view, except for that one part Ms. Myers wrote in Jacob’s POV. I’m so glad they have finally realized that they needed to have the other character’s thoughts in order to make it work for the movie. In fact, I thought the first movie was sort of lame because of the way they stuck so closely to the book and stayed completely in Bella’s POV.

 In this last movie, we get to actually see Alice’s visions, which add to the story tremendously. I was completely thrilled with the way it turned out. I would definitely say that this movie is worthy of a second, maybe even a third or fourth viewing.

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